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Dont waste your time!!!!!!!! *** artist!!!!!

Called on a property. The owner said he was out of town in L.A with his family and he would need a 1% fee/commitment to travel back to show me the property!! Of course, when I got hip to his scam and asked for his last name (Donlley was his first) I got no reply. As usual, never, ever give/wire etc.

any money until you have seen the property with the owner (and probably someone else) Real estate is a tricky deal these days.

Dont really want a broker but it seems to be damned if you do damned if you dont. Too bad people have to be so terribly dishonest.

Reason of review: please, just publish the *** review before i go to the BBB.

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I totally agreed. I went thru the very same experience.

I called about this home and was requested to provide ALL my info to someone living out of state. They said that they'd give me an access code to enter the property as soon as the received my FICO and my info. I said NO until I get to see a real person. They stopped replying to my Emails.

Long story short... Beware of scammers.

If is too good to be true... Chances are is a scam.


Seems like paying 5% for selling a home, is getting to be a bit out of control. I should pay 20K for selling my 400K home?

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